Drifty is an Open-Source interactive File Downloader system built with Java. It takes the link of the file to be downloaded and downloads it in the appropriate folder with the appropriate filename retrieved from the link. It can download files from platforms including YouTube, Instagram, and many more.


More Information About Drifty

It is available both in CLI (Command Line Interface) and GUI (Graphical User Interface) mode for all the major platforms like Windows, Linux and MacOS. We believe in team work. Any contribution that brings value to the project is highly appreciated. You can look into the roadmap to know about the issues to work on, in progress and completed.

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It's Free and Open-Source

Drifty — a free and Open-Source tool, is open for suggestions. Share the features you want to have and help us improve

Faster Downloading of files

Drifty is designed to leverage concurrent threads for efficient parallel downloading with accelerated speeds

Support for downloading videos from YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Drifty provides an efficient solution to effortlessly download videos from leading platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram

Available both in GUI and CLI mode

Drifty's CLI and GUI modes provide adaptable, streamlined user experiences across diverse scenarios

....and many more!

Demonstration of Drifty

Here is a quick demo of Drifty